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All the news and events about the Video Game Industry throughout 2020

Things had become pretty hectic in the video game industry since the last half of the 2010s and it keeps on getting worse and worse by the year. 2016 is where we experienced scummy monatisation tactics, 2017 is the climax of the lootbox controversy, 2018 is the year of crappy mobile games based on beloved PC games as well as awful business practice, and finally 2019, a year of political corruption, fraud, layoffs and exclusivity. Will 2020 at least be a breather for the video game industry? Well... let's find out.

Catch up stories in 2019:

  • •Fallout 76 gets worse and worse, somehow announcing an annual $100 subscription service in the last quarter of 2019, and even having the service broken
  • •Fortnite Hackings
  • •Lootboxes are finally seen as gambling by governments
  • •Anthem was released as a glitchy, broken game
  • •Epic Games has been buying up exclusives after exclusives for their inferior PC store away from Steam
  • •2025 people had been doxxed via the official E3 website
  • •NBA 2K20 was released, rated E on the ESRB and PEGI 3+, and it contains slot machines, roulette and pachinko simulations tied to lootboxes
  • •Google Stadia has a disasterous launch
  • •Activision Blizzard had banned Pro Heartstone player Blitzchung for voicing support for the Hong Kong protest, leading to people such as official Democratic and Republican US senators to lambast the company for its actions

On January 1st, WWE 2K20 crashes when it detects that the system's date it's running on is in the year 2020 (Early January)

For a game that has 2K20 in it, and that it's happening during New Years Day, this is absolutely hilarious.

Though this Y2K20 bug differ between consoles and computers, while the console versions, you can't access all mode without it crashing, and on computers, some modes are inaccessible.

Wow, on New Year's day, and there's already some video game news.

PlatinumGames accepts capital investments with Tencent (Early January)

Japanese video game developpers PlatinumGames, famous for making high quality games such as the Bayonetta series, NieR Automata (my favorite game from them) and Astral Chain, accepts a capital investment with Chinese company Tencent, concerning gamers and PlatinumGames fans especially.

Xbox Series X's first party games won't be exclusive for at least a year (Mid January)

Sony once again skips E3 for this year (Mid January)

As they'll most likely feature more info on the PlayStation 5 in Sony's State of Play.

As E3 keeps getting more irrelivant, especially since personal info of 2025 people who attended last year's E3 got leaked bu the ESA, I won't blame Sony for skipping E3 this year, or probably in the years that come.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel's Avengers have been delayed (Mid January)

Square Enix delays Final Fantasy 7 Remake from March 3 2020 to April 10 2020, and Marvel's Avengers from May 15 2020 to September 2020. The former game probably to compete with Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed until September 17 (Mid January)

Nintendo wins court case against Germany and Norway. Not allowing cancellation of preorders deemed legal by German courts (Late January)

UKIE launches a propaganda "campaign" for parental controls, blatantly trying to pass the blame to the lack of parental controls over predatory video game microtransactions, which are actually caused by the video game industry itself (Late January)

Blizzard launches Warcraft 3: Reforged, and it's a disaster (Late January)

The reason its launch is a disaster and why it has a very low user score on Metacritic is because dramatically changed the original gameplay, causing the game to not work in places, as well as lazily remaking cutscenes.

Not only that, Blizzard also updated the game's T&S so that any custom game modes players created belongs to Blizzard.

Microtransaction Saga - France sues EA over predatory gambling in FIFA 20, while Ireland condems Lootboxes and calls for regulation (Mid February)

Reports show that Electronic Arts are now copyright striking videos criticising them, and are attempting to delete channels (Mid February)

Blizzard Saga - A playable build of StarCraft Ghost, a cancelled game, has been uploaded (Late February)

Apparently, it was leaked from an Xbox devkit. The perfect revenge against Blizzard after the whole Warcraft fiasco.

Nvidia's game streaming service, GeForce Now, lost a couple of big game publishers, along with their games, and it highlights one of the big risks of cloud gaming (Late February)

Non-Gaming News: I feel like there's not enough big gaming news as of late, so I'm going to take a break

2019 was filled with massive gaming industry news, and even though this year started with a bang of gaming news, things kind of simmered down, there's not a lot of noteworthy news to add to this collection.

I'll get back to update the site with noteworthy stuff if they happen.

E3 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak (Mid March)

Well, personally, it deserves to be cancelled, especially after doxxing 2025 people last year.

Naughty Dog Saga - Naughty Dog called out by ex-employee for threatening him to stay quiet about awful crunch practice (Mid March)

Bethesda manages to break Doom Eternal's DRM, making the game easier to pirate than ever (Late March)

They managed to break the DRM... by not including the DRM in the Bethesda Launcher version of Doom Eternal.

Gamestop permanently closing a bunch of stores across the US amid the covid-19 outbreak (Late March)

Gearbox software, who pays below-market wages, offers profit-sharing and promises staff five- and six-figure bonuses for Borderlands 3. Then, CEO Randy Pitchford told the staff that this isn't actually happening (Late March)

Greasy Randy. This is the same Randy who forgot a USB that contains important Gearbox documents and porn at a family restaurant. This is the same Randy who physically assaulted a voice actor for no good reason.

Naughty Dog Saga - The Last of Us Part 2 has just been announced that it's being delayed indefinetly (Early April)

Cooking Mama: Cookstar pulled from Nintendo Switch eShop due to accusations of mining cryptocurrency on users' Switches (Early April)

Source code for Counter-Strike: Global offensive and Team Fortress 2 got leaked, possibly giving hackers access to player's computers to mess around (Late April)

Naughty Dog Saga - The Last of Us Part 2's story has been leaked after a Naughty Dog employee snapped due to the working conditions (Late April)

Nintendo suffered a massive legacy leak from hackers (Early May)

Stuff that were leaked were design documents of the Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii, the Wii's entire source code and Nintendo 64 Demo games among others.

It is estimated that around 2TB of data has been stolen during the leak.

The Culling returns with an abominable microtransaction system (Mid May)

After you purchase the game, which is you purchasing an entry fee, you can only play one free match a day. If you want to play more matches, you have to buy more tokens to play more times. 3 tokens costs $0.99, 10 for $2.99 and 20 for $4.99.

Athough if you win one match, you get to play another match for free, and since it's a battle royale game, the odds of that happening is listerally 1%.

Of course, there are unlimited play subscriptions, a 7 day pass for $1.99 and a 30 day pass for $5.99.

G2A finally admits that they're selling stolen game keys (Late May)

Of course, it's all their fault, so they shift the blame to the devs. Lucky for us, it backfired, especially since they were smug about devs not being able to prove it. Of course, one dev easily proved it, and now they're acting like victims.

Minecraft Dungeons has been reported to wipe your hard drive / SSD when you're trying to uninstall it (Late May)

Admitedly, I just heard two cases of this happening, but I have a feeling that it's going to catch on very quickly.

I'll delete this if it doesn't catch on.

Reminder that Ubisoft not only silences any abuse stories, but they protect mental and physical abusers themselves (Late July)

L is real, 2020 (Late July)

Recently, there's a big leak of old Nintendo content, one of which is the Super Mario 64 source code. Among the source code, a scrapped model of Luigi has been found, which became the biggest find ever, especially due to the rumor of "L is real, 2401" written on one of the textures in Super Mario 64.

All Aeon Mist Die! devs quite the studio this week (Early August)

All developpers of the studio who were making Aeon Must Die! quit from the studio due to crunch and lack of payments, while the trailer of the game was outsourced to artists without contracts.

Epic Games sues Apple after pulling Fortnite off the App Store (Mid August)

Fortnite is also being removed from Google Play (Mid August)

Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Elite Squad features Black Lives Matter protestors as the game's antagonist and the police force as the protagonist (Early September)

EA had updated UFC 4 just to add full advetisements in the middle of the gameplay, after the review period for the game is over (Early September)

Microsoft buys Bethesda Studios for $7.5 Billion (Late September)

Not that I care for their games (since they're not my cup of tea), but this surprised me.

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